Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company a good candidate to work with CoreElement?

That depends on a variety of factors. Generally, we work with companies

  • That are industrial manufacturers
  • Are not satisfied with their current marketing efforts, whether they be internal or external
  • Possess a strategic focus on marketing, and are willing to stay the course; committed to improvement

When will I see results?

We’d be lying if we said overnight. The truth is, building a content marketing machine to replace your existing site can take months, but establishing SEO and marketing automation programs takes a bit longer. But once the machine starts firing on all cylinders, we believe you’ll be very happy with the results.

How has CoreElement helped manufacturers like us?

You can read more about our client work here. We’ve transformed websites and built new websites that serve as lead generating machines. We’ve developed social media plans and administered CRM software.

Perhaps most importantly, though, our efforts grow sales. Industrial marketing must show a return on investment.

Does social media actually help industrial manufacturers?

Yes! A thousand times, yes. Just because most industrial manufacturers are sluggish to adopt social media, there is no reason for you to be. B2B buyers are behaving like consumers more and more by searching for solutions on social media, and sites like YouTube and Slideshare have never been more popular for manufacturers to share their unique solutions.

The truth is, now is the perfect time to gain an advantage – while your competition is stuck in the stone age.

You offer a wide variety of services. What if I want to pick and choose one or two?

It’s a rare client that uses all of our services. We offer a wide variety in order to tailor an effective program for each.

We have engagements where clients require only a limited service offering. It is a good way to address your most pressing needs, but, typically, we have found a more comprehensive approach works best.

There is no one-size-fits all, however, and we work with our clients to address their specific needs. We believe that a long-term, comprehensive marketing approach is most effective.

Once my redesigned website is up and running, can you help us maintain it?

We’d be happy to. Ongoing support is based upon your internal capabilities. We’re here to help as much, or as little, as desired.

Fresh content and SEO updates are a must for any industrial website. Once your website is finished, we’ll help keep you relevant in the eyes of search engines, and help you add pages and content as your company grows.

How do you price your services?

We have a pricing page with more detail on the dollars and cents of what we do. But in short, we offer our services in packages, and we typically work with a retainer. If you’re wondering what a program which fits your situation will cost, we need to have a conversation. No two clients or programs are the same.