Bob Parina

Bob Parina - Founder / Creative Director


Bob Parina

Founder / Creative Director

I have a number of responsibilities with CoreElement, working directly with clients’ key decision makers to understand the what and why of their company. Translating my clients’ stories into strategic, creative marketing programs which leverage digital technology is what interests me.

Keeping an eye on the horizon for ourselves and our clients is an important part of my role. The rate of technological change is so great that if we’re not looking forward we will be behind in no time at all. Today’s capabilities are truly awesome, but without an overall strategy and consistent message, it’s all just pretty noise.

A student of visual arts since High School, I honed my skills at Kent State University, learning traditional tools and design philosophy. I have embraced digital tools since the early 80’s, starting out with MS-DOS.

I have worked in every aspect of the creative field, from print, video, photo direction and web to trade show and stage design. Continual learning in a constantly-changing field is all I know.

Having grown up in a blue collar suburb of Cleveland, I’ve always had a strong devotion to family and community, and an appreciation for manufacturing. Some of my earliest memories are of Family Christmas Parties and Open Houses at Cleveland Twist Drill, where my father worked as a technician.

I’ve coached my sons’ sports teams and am currently teaching a design course at a local Community College. I’m a motorhead at heart and spend my free time working on a long-term muscle car restoration and riding my Superglide.

1983 FXR Superglide