Design & Branding

How to turn your industrial marketing plans into reality

With search effectiveness in mind, CoreElement will visualize your marketing plan. We work directly with company executives to create the story of your company. We create new materials and repurpose existing. Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing effort. By creating compelling content and leveraging social networks, your site will gain visibility with your target market.

Utilizing marketing automation, website interactions are captured and followed. Automated responses to initial inquiries allow your sales force to focus on qualified prospects at the right time – with prospect data being delivered through your customer relationship management (“CRM”) system.

Delivering qualified leads with a history of their actions on your website is almost unfair. Less work for a greater return – automation has progressed from the cotton gin and the factory floor to online sales interactions.

The final step is to integrate this information with your CRM tool, creating a history of inquiries and responses. Future actions are scheduled, moving your plan forward as designed. CoreElement builds and maintains this industrial marketing machine at your direction.