Use Search Optimization to Improve Your Business, Not Just Your Website

Google and Bing Provide Business Intelligence

Optimizing your business doesn’t mean simply changing a few words on a page to show up higher in Google’s search rankings. Instead, it means taking advantage of the business intelligence available on your chosen market, as well as your competitors.

Part of this process involves minor changes like terminology (are you making pulleys or sheaves?). Such a change may seem trivial, but odds are a lot more buyers are searching for “pulleys” than “sheaves.”

A larger part of the process involves restructuring the blend of products offered by your company. If one of the products you make is searched for twice as often on the internet than your other products, you should be striving to make more of that product.

Spend time with your competitors’ websites. What advantages are they claiming? Are they doing a great job or is the bar set pretty low? Objectively review your top peers and their websites, looking for practices to emulate and to avoid. Search at your best terms and see who ranks highly – see what’s working.

Optimize your process.

If you’re using SEO just to improve your search rankings, you’re missing out.