Must-See Dreamforce Presentations for Industrial Marketing Professionals


Presentations you don’t want to miss at the year’s biggest marketing event – Dreamforce.

The 2013 edition of Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual convention, is fast-approaching, and my industrial marketing colleagues and I are eagerly awaiting a chance to see the next big things in marketing.

This year, Salesforce has over 1,000 sessions planned, including hands-on tutorials, roundtable discussions and keynote speakers.

Appirio, a global services company that uses crowdsourcing and cloud, social and mobile technology, helped us all with our due diligence, and identified some of the can’t-miss presentations that you’ll want to be sure to attend.

I went through and picked out my favorites – the “best of the best” if you will, that I plan to attend while at Dreamforce.

Monday, November 18

5 Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Implementation

When starting out or restarting a deployment, there are many questions, and many people making requirements for the tool. Using examples and discussion, Brad Gross, President of Information Logistics and a Salesforce MVP, will demonstrate the five most important questions that should be asked for every requirement and request.

Tuesday, November 19

Effective Real Time Decision Making through Mobile Analytics

Immediate engagement is required in today’s business world. Mobile devices are used differently than desktops — users expect to access mobile data on the go. This presentation may just show you how much fun Mobile Analytics can be! Reports and Dashboards are not just for cubicles and desktops, the road warriors can join in and have mobile analytics on their smart devices too! This session will demonstrate how to administer and support your mobile workforce with the analytics they need.

Thursday, November 21

The Future of Work: Our Time is Now

The work world is dramatically shifting and in an age of ever-changing technology, employee entrepreneurship, and customer expectations, unprecedented opportunities are being created. Top-rated analyst Jason Averbrook joins’s SVP of Marketing Daniel Debow to explore these megatrends and discuss how is ready to address them head on.

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I’m looking forward to seeing you and my other industrial marketing counterparts in San Francisco next week.

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