SEO in Industrial Marketing: 5 Actions for a Successful Website


If your website isn’t found, it may as well not exist. Applying some basic SEO pricipals can make a big difference for your website.

Neglecting to consider search engine optimization (SEO) in the creation of your business website, as well as ongoing regular updates, will limit the site’s visibility and ultimate success. Below are five SEO strategies which should be part of your industrial marketing efforts.

1. Research terms which describe your products or services and which have the greatest search volume.

Spend time with Google Analytics to see what terms are most popular and being used to find your products or service. The terms you use within your company or in your industry may not be the same terms used by your prospects or customers. Be open to alternatives and determine which are used most often. List the top three to five terms for each product or service – you will use this information throughout your site.

2. Structure your website based upon the results of your Google Analytics research.

Products or services which are found through different terms should have separate pages. Use the top term within the page name itself as well as within the navigation. Google uses this information when indexing your site and then upon responding to a search. Lay out the red carpet and they will find your door.

3. Write your page text using the terms identified.

It is surprising how many webpages never mention the specific terms associated with that product or service. Headlines, subheads and the body copy should all use the top keyword variations. Google will read your page to determine the contents. Make it obvious.

4. Tell the search providers you exist.

Submit your URL to Google, Bing and the other top search engines for indexing. It may take awhile but they will each visit your site with software robots. The information you have provided within your site will be used to match what you offer and what someone is searching. Google Places for Business is a separate registration, but well worth the effort. Find and register with local directories, especially if your business depends upon your location.

5. Use social media to promote your website and your business.

Google is aware of the information you present through social media and will reward solid efforts with higher page ranking. The popularity of your efforts will also effect your ranking. The point of your SEO efforts is to appear high enough in search results to be found.

While there are no guarantees – and don’t let anyone tell you they have a guarantee – including the basic steps above in your industrial marketing strategy will improve your chances of appearing in appropriate searches.

Photo credit: dullhunk via photopin cc

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