10 Ways to Promote Your Industrial Marketing Content


Writing good content is only half the battle in industrial marketing – the other half is promoting the heck out of it.

Over at SocialMouths, Pratik Dholakiya had a great post regarding poor content marketing practices, including the notion that good content is all you need.

Simply put, good content is not enough. Pratik explains that writing great content is only half the battle.

If you write good content, your work is done – it will just attract people to it. Not only do you need to create this awesome content but you need to promote it. There is nothing worse than having carefully put together words or a beautiful infographic just hanging out in internet space without anyone to see it or enjoy it!

Instead… try these top ten ways to promote your content.

  1. Twitter is one of your best assets but you have to build it. Schedule out a few tweets that ask a question that your content answers or has good quotes from your content.
  2. Obviously Twitter isn’t the only social media channel you’re on so cross promote on the other channels as well. Link from Facebook and Pinterest etc. to your pieces of content.
  3. Email out links to your big pieces of content. I don’t recommend sending out an email every time you upload a new blog post but I do recommend sending out an email to promote every ebook and infographic that you create.
  4. Place obvious social share buttons on your blog and content pieces.
  5. Develop relationships with others in your niche and share each other’s content.
  6. For those extra epic pieces of content that you just know is awesome, use paid advertisements such as Google ads, LinkedIn ads and sponsored tweets to promote.
  7. Consider buying a third party email blast. Again only for those really awesome pieces of content.
  8. Join G+ and LinkedIn groups and share your content with the community. Check out other discussions and see if linking to your content in these discussions is relevant.
  9. In your email signature, link to your latest post or ebook. Have members of your company do this as well.
  10. Use blogger outreach to share your content with influential bloggers in your niche.

When it comes to what you’re sharing on your social media channels, make sure that you not only share your own content, but you also share other content that helps your customers. This way, others in your niche will share your stuff as well. Look at it as “content sharing karma.”

You certainly don’t want to waste effort producing valuable content only to see it wasted by poor promotion practices. As with any other industrial marketing tactic, you’ve got to stick with it to see results.

Photo credit: Steve Johnson

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