Automated Industrial Marketing: Personalize Your Efforts


As customers expect a tailored sales experience, automated industrial marketing will help you personalize like a pro and put you ahead of your competition.

Econsultancy, a leading source of independent advice and insight on digital marketing and ecommerce, published the results of their survey of 1,100 digital and ecommerce professionals that found that “94% of marketers stated that personalization is “critical to current and future success,” and businesses that are currently personalizing web experiences are seeing, on average, an increase of 19% of sales.

So if the benefits are clear, shouldn’t everyone be doing this? They aren’t. But why?

Nearly half (47%) of surveyed marketers cited technology issues as the main obstacle to personalizing website experiences.

The majority (57%) of marketers reported that they don’t use CRM system data to personalize their marketing efforts.

Nearly a third (30%) of marketers cited disparate databases as the largest obstacle standing in the way of utilizing CRM data for personalization efforts.

Pardot, a Salesforce integrator, made a fantastic infographic based on the Econsultancy study featuring ways that automation makes marketing easy:

One Centralized Database
Marketing automation platforms provide an easy way to create a central hub for all of your marketing data, Social data, display ads, email marketing, CRM data, prospect tracking data, and more are all gathered, organized, and put directly at your fingertips for automated segmentation, dynamic digital content, and automated lead nurturing campaigns.

Dynamic Digital Content
With more customer data at your disposal, automation platforms can develop dynamic web and email content that will change based on the attributes of the viewer’s profile in your marketing and sales database. Display the best pricing options, promote the most relevant content, push the most important features, and never have a sales lead fill out the same form fields twice.

Automated Lead Nurturing
Once you have all your data in one place and your prospects highly segmented, you can easily create nurturing campaigns designed to automatically provide information and content at the perfect time. Triggered by a prospect’s actions or a predetermined time interval, these campaigns make your sales process feel like it is a one-to-one interaction for all of your sales prospects.

If you are able to fully implement and utilize automated marketing tools, you’ll already be a step ahead of most of your competition. The benefits to your industrial marketing efforts are clear, and the integration is easier than you’d expect.

Photo credit: D’Arcy

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